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First SeaAloe NOW Added To The Product Line –  Superfruits GT?

Pollution, toxins, and life’s daily stresses are slowly damaging your body. The damage occurs at the cellular level through the creation of Free Radicals. Free Radicals are split molecules that become unstable and attack surrounding healthy molecules. Your body uses antioxidants to help combat Free Radicals and the damaging effects they can have on your body. But as we expose ourselves to ever increasing levels of harmful pollutants, our bodies struggle to produce sufficient antioxidants. Simply put, your body needs additional sources of antioxidants to fight Free Radicals.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Antioxidants play an important role in successfully combating and neutralizing these Free Radicals. Antioxidants scavenge Free Radicals, and help stabilize and stop the chain reaction known as oxidation. Superfruits GT starts with a powerful combination of the finest and most researched fruits in the world. Combined with Green Tea and Resveratrol, these all natural ingredients produce the ultimate liquid antioxidant formula. Our proprietary infusion process, known as ORAmaXX™, unleashes the maximum antioxidant power, as evidenced by our unprecedented ORAC score. Superfruits GT’s liquid delivery method allows Superfruits GT to more readily, and completely, assimilate into your body which gives your body the antioxidant boost it needs each day.

Formulated by Nutritional Experts

Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C., a Liquid Nutritional Expert, and Jim Shriner, America’s Leading Health & Fitness Expert, joined forces in formulating this amazing product. Both have helped people overcome nutritional hurdles for decades. Superfruits GT harnesses the rich, whole food potency of all its ingredients to deliver a new breed of antioxidant concentration. Read more about Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C. and Jim Shriner’s expertise on the importance of antioxidant supplementation.

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Are you still promoting affiliate pages? Why

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Huntsville Alabama home inspectors | North Alabama home inspections BBB member | Rates
Your Home Is Your Biggest Investment – Get It Inspected by A Certified, Licensed, Member of the BBB –
If using a home inspector – has he built homes, hands on maintenance skills?
Rates? Is he charging more simply because he’s been in the business for 20 years? This is no guarantee that
you will be receiving what your paying for…Find the home inspector who “Works For You”
If your picking up advice from your realtor – do you really know if theres kick backs involved?
Realtors Want To Sell Homes – Home Inspectors Want The Business
Its Your Home – You Pick The Inspector

Would you like to know what you should be paying for a professional home inspection?

Here you go –  Get guaranteed prices w/no increases at time of inspection

1500 sq. ft and below 225.00, 1501-2500 sq. ft  – $275.00

If your home is larger than 2500 sq ft  an average of 10 cents per square ft.

For example= Your home is 3,950 sq. ft, Your inspection should only cost you $395.00

Without an inspection could be major cost – Make the small investment

Chris Ware

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I wouldn’t take advice from everything you  read on forums, etc, face facts theres just to many SEO Want To Be’s! They take your money and run leaving you with no better placement in search engines

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Cathy Romine Loves Her Horses

Cathy Romine Loves Her Horses

Have you heard of mySEOshop?

Owner/Partner of the new self-serve SEO optimization soon to be released to the internet. –

Mark Genovese – 20 years logging and fishing in Alaska, got hurt on a King Crab boatSo in conclusion:
told never to commercial fish again. Went right out and purchased a salmon troller in
Oregon, USA – 5 years later had 5 boats all paid for. He
broke a monopoly in the commercial sea urchin industry and started an urchin processing
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Mark was so good he worked himself out of work!
He is the President / CEO of MANE World Promotions Inc.
MANE is an acronym for: Marketing Associates for Nutrition and Education.
MWP owns, also are in Partnership with the
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Marks Partner – BS in computer science and mathematics – graduated with honors.
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I don’t know him personally, Mark furnished his credentials to publish.
The main City-Centers Programmers are Pabol Verando and Jeff Greewell –
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City-Centers other programmer Jeff Greenwell is the head
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Jeff has been given awards from the DOD (department of Defence) in
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This is a partial list of their accomplishments since
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Now your wondering What is City Centers?
To the point, City-Centers is the City Directory Mark Genovese created
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More info can be found through local searches- Yes I’m Cathy Romine and I am number one in many

You can find more through searching mySEOshop if interested. Updates to follow…

Your As Young As You Feel

Your As Young As You Feel

Men Need To Get In Touch With Their Body’s…

As I have been observing exactly what SeaAloe has done for me in such a short period of time I know personally I have more energy, some aches and pains especially at certain times of the month that we women have to experience amazing seemed to disappear – not one tylenol was taken and this in itself was worth it all.  I have also noticed where for years when I washed my hair I was like my dogs – shed like crazy. Sometimes these little things we seem not to notice when its better
although sure do complain when its happening…Well I shed very little now days, lol

What I have done since I regretfully didn’t have the actual before pictures of exactly how sick my Bonnie was prior to putting her on SeaAloe – I am recording everything now. 

My husband thinks I’m crazy

I had him taking pictures yesterday of what he just would smile and shake his head about…I took pictures of his thinning head, I took pictures of his wrinkles, I even made him do the same to me…Yes, I have that much faith in my new discovered fountain of youth.

As he was talking to someone who asked him how SeaAloe was working for him, he had told her, its helped my dog, my wife loves it but I can’t see any results… Well what he doesn’t seem to realise is he suffers from high cholesterol, high blood sugar, has prostate trouble that he has been seeing a doctor for the past few months and I’m always having to walk on his back – or should I say, he hasn’t asked me to do that in a few weeks, I wonder why? When he goes back to the doctor we shall see what he tells him about the other stuff, I expect Johnny to be surprised at the results. And I did tell him last night when he wanted his back rub that his breakouts were gone.  hmmmmm, nope SeaAloe hasn’t done anything for him yet, or so he thinks…We women know better.

We can’t tell anyone SeaAloe is a “Miracle Cure”  you must take the product and know what ailments you had prior to SeaAloe and chart your progress. I will tell you Its my “Miracle Cure” just for what it has done for me and my dogs in such a short period of time. It is a complete whole food nutritional supplement with only the finest pure all natural ingredients, that you’ll have to read for yourself if you decide to visit the site.

So back to the pictures we took yesterday – I will be 50 years old in January and for all us women especially who bleach and face those dreaded menopause years, I guess I’m getting close, oh well, some of us also have thinning hair.  Recently I was at the store wondering which of those costly products would help me from this secret we don’t wan’t others to know about.  After looking I figured none of those over the counter products would actually work so I left without purchasing still worried what I could do for this condition, thinking it was just something I would have to accept, old age…Nope not anymore – Not a chance!

I’m charting my progress now with SeaAloe

SeaAloe is known for making hair grow faster, thicker and fuller – I’ll let you know.  If this works for me the way it worked for my dog Bonnie I definitely will have my two bald sons on it.  I will tell you thus far I also have some regrowth in those thin spots.  My hair has always been very dry and now is so much healthier.

I actually cut it shoulder length on Oct 30, 2008 so I can see exactly how fast now my hair grows, its always been very slow to grow.  While some women are fortunate to grow one inch per month, mine has always grown about one inch per year, I’ll keep you updated, yes I took pictures for proof because I already see results!

If I Sell It I Test It:

Well if you have read any of my blogs and saw Bonnie, that like I said is enough reason to use SeaAloe, plus my energy, aches, pains and healthier hair.  I recently had joined “Rejuvenate Worldwide” when it first launched because yes, I like most women want to look young forever without surgery of course.  I liked the product for a moisturizer although I must admit after four months of continued twice a day use not one wrinkle disappeared and yes the aging process seemed to continue.
Needless to say, I dropped it!

Not only do I drink 2 ounces of SeaAloe daily I started using about one tablespoon nightly and applying it to my thinning area on my head and applying it directly on my face, then applying my nightly cheap Avon moisturizer.  I expect this to work far better than any of those other costly so called wrinkled cremes I’ve purchased in the past.  Am I crazy or what? lol…I’m not going to tell you something works if it doesn’t!  I know SeaAloe works for me so If I think it lately with what to experiment with SeaAloe on – I do it…

Cathys Past Serious Health Conditions:

This part of the blog is hard to write about.  I am one who hides health problems or disability’s and continue to live life with the cards I was dealt.  In 1990 I had a serious automobile accident which crushed my right foot and ankle.  Severe Nerve damage in my foot an causing me to be evaluated with a 45% disability by professionals due to this injury affecting severe arthritis setting up through out my body.  Due to the foot injury it also affected my backs alignment not to be correct and resulted in back problems.
I couldn’t put any weight on my foot for six months, couldn’t work for one year and I was a single parent with two little boys and no longer had income., thank goodness for my parents!

The doctors thought I would lose my foot well mind over body and alot of prayers I wouldn’t let that set back slow me down. A few years ago it became more painful to walk, every step I took was like walking on nails.  When I walked my foot became so sore I limped badly until the soreness eased and I could walk again so I finally had surgery.  The surgery did help me walk with less pain, although it caused the arthritis to become worse and more of the clawing affect in my toes.  I will tell you that some pain has eased in my right foot and I expect it to continue to get better the longer I’m on SeaAloe.

When I was 37 years old I was working and had to have a physical for my employment.  One day I was at home and the doctors office called and wanted to see me immediately.  I then worried wanted them to tell me on the phone, they refused, just told me to drive carefully and get to their office.  When I arrived he told me all my blood levels were critical – hemoglobin, metacliff (however you spell all that stuff, never clamied to be a doctor, lol) and all the other names, everything was critical,  and I could have a stroke any minute.  They also found a heart murmor which I had never had in my entire life.  Well I went through all the doctors stuff for months and finally did the patient treat thyself and went on herbs.  I also lost that job when the doctors reported my health condition to my employer.

Three years ago I once again was working and became so sick, no energy, couldn’t hardly function.  I would get out of my car and be so dizzy I didn’t think I was going to make it in the door without passing out.  This doctor put me through one test after the other trying to find out what was causing me to be severe anemic. He thought possibly I was bleeding internally. He also highly recommended I have a blood transfusion immediately – No Way, Not Me! With Aids and the high risk of getting hepatitis C – I told him give me some iron pills.  He didn’t think that would build my blood fast enough, he did it anyway and also put me on nexium for my ulsers, What a basket case I was. Have you ever read the side effects of nexium? I quit taking those too.

One test after another, I once again went on my own regiment consisting of tons of herb pills daily, So Many bottles to buy, three pills a day for each ailment from all those different bottles, geez, I like herbs but we know they don’t absorb like the liquid supplements do –  you have to take a handful three times per day and the cost was outrageous!  How easy is SeaAloe – complete – great tasting liquid – affordable – safe for the entire family, no side effects – Awesome! Wish I knew about it years ago.

Doctors give you all these drugs and tell you the side effects which are worse than the medical conditions most times.  I watched my father suffer for 15 years at least,  from diabetis, heart disease, conjestive heart failure, neuropothy, etc.  The doctors expected him to die ten years earlier and for all these years of his life he took all their pills, got worse not better and continued to follow the advice of the medical profession.  He suffered a long hard illness which in the end we lost him.  If only he was still here and I could convince him to take SeaAloe – Would he have listened? I think so…I hate it! I can’t help my dad but I can try and help others if they will listen and give it a try. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing!

SeaAloe Alabama - A Brand New Life

SeaAloe Alabama - A Brand New Life

October 31, 2008

My Only Regret Is I didn’t have pictures of how bad Bonnies sores and infections actually were.  Her poor eyes were swollen, her head was so hot to the touch, the smell of infection from her body would gag you, you could touch her ears and she would cry, just to touch her body to hard would cause her to,  doggy scream.

The Thought Of Not Having My Bonnie:

My son Tim told me if Bonnie died I had nothing to feel bad about I had given her a wonderful life for a dog and my husband just seemed to believe she was ate up with cancer.  What I haven’t mentioned was giving her baths she always has blood pouring from her body.  I’m going to give her a bath today and see if that has stopped also – I’ll let you know on that one, I truly expect this to be better also. I just honestly couldn’t stand the thought of not having my Bonnie. I’m so Thankful For My New Hope and Her Recovery from a human whole food dietary vitamin supplement, who would have ever thought, definitely not me or I would have used it years ago.

Depressed Bonnie About To Die:

In July I had to go out of town for one night, while gone I was so depressed because I had to leave Bonnie and wanted to be with her when she passed on.  I pretty much honestly believed I would return home to her not being with me anymore.  Yes, I love this dog! And leaving her to go on that trip was very hard to do. Thank goodness when I returned she was still alive, sick but alive and she was as glad to see me as I was her.

Bonnie is seven years old and most german shephards do get the sores on their legs, but not to the degree that Bonnie did.  Always having Shephards it’s sad to me the fact that their life spam is so much shorter than the smaller pets.  I have lost many, usually their back hips go out around the age of nine if they are full blooded – I have hope now that Bonnie will out live any German Shephard I’ve ever owned.  The oldest passing on at twelve years of age.

Why I Love Bonnie So Much – She Needed Me!

Bonnie had been abused – My husband had called me from work one day and said someone is giving away a registered german shephard, not quite two years old at the time.  She was located about an hour away but I wanted to go look at her anyway.

When I arrived the original owner who breeds professional shephards had gotten her back from the owner who purchased Bonnie (at that time named Scarlett on her papers) as a puppy.  This women’s husband had died, she had two other dogs but wanted Bonnie to be in the house with her.  Soon she remarried and her new husband abused Bonnie.  I’ve had her for over 5 years and she is still terrified of my husband – all men for that matter. I knew I would rename her immediately , I didn’t want her to have any memories of the abuse that had been so cruely inflicted on her.

Upon arriving when I first saw her we were connected – The breeder who had called me later wanting me to take another abused shephard mentioned he knew the way Bonnie took to me we were a fit, unfortunately I had more dogs than I could manage so I couldn’t rescue that one.  I now have six dogs, lol – they show up I keep them. With Bonnie though she seemed to know immediately I had rescued her.  The following days she would try to help round up my horses when I went to feed – stayed right on my heels.

What was sad is as friends and family would come for a visit Bonnie would disappear, terrified to be around anyone but me and grieved for not being able to be at my side.  I am her protecter.  I have never had a dog depend on me or love me the way my Bonnie does.

Honestly, I’d love to meet the person who must have abused her so badly that even after 5 years she is still terrified of men.  Well, perhaps that wouldn’t be a good idea – I don’t think I could control my temper.

So for me to be blogging this my intention is to give the true meaning to everyone that follows my post of just how special Bonnie is to me and how she depends on me to help her and I am so attached to her.  I’m sure all pet lovers can relate to this. Also how this has totally changed my focus on how I make an internet income helping others while helping my business.

The beginning of Bonnie’s Sickness:

Three years ago I arrived home to find Bonnie’s shoulder gashed open.  The vet did surgery, inserted a tube for drainage.  From that point on she appeared to develop what looked like staff infection.  One vet simply told my husband to put neosporin on her legs. It didn’t work.  I used antibiotics, medication for thrash I gave to my horses and even very strong wormers and infection killers.  Nope, nothing worked and she was dying. Infections spreading through out her body.

I let Bonnie start staying in the house a couple of years ago.  Her hair constantly came out in clogs.  Everywhere Bonnie layed she would leave piles of hair.  Frustrating for me but then again, I love Bonnie. One month now and Bonnie has very little shedding, her coat is so much softer and shinny. If only I could keep her from eating all my other dogs food so she would lose some weight, lol

I Ordered SeaAloe September 22, 2008:

A few days after taking it, I loved it and the thought came to me to give it to Bonnie.  Needless to say within a week I saw her health turning around.  The first week of October I began taking pictures because I know people won’t believe you without proof.  I’m showing the proof not only for the benefits it has given me thus far but for people who love their pets. This being a human liquid supplement you can judge for yourself. If Seaaloe produces this type of results on pets what do you think it will do for your own wellness.


Of course, I can’t tell you Seaaloe will heal anything.  We know FDA doesn’t want to approve anything other than prescription drugs.  What I can tell you is Seaaloe is performing miracles in my life.  My energy, my aches and pains, my hair and nails are healthier, my jack russell “Ruger” who shed awful has improved, my german shephard “Bama” is eating better, she survived parvo as a pup and seemed to have lost her appetite and sense of smell – When I give her SeaAloe – She has an appetite. I even have a testimony that it has healed someones hemroids, lol -Yeah, a person, what Seaaloe is intended for – People…Another person had told me after two months that they had taken Seaaloe they didn’t think it was helping but then realised their feet wasn’t hurting anymore.  Hey, I’m watching my husbands bald spot on the back of his head – I have that much faith in this now…I expect that 60 year old man not to go bald since hes now on the product.  If that works I’m sure there will be no stopping my grown sons from ordering it.  They are a hard sale.  I wan’t them on it for their health, if it helps Johnny’s baldness they will beg me for it…I’m sure there are different results for everyone – you just have to test it yourself and provide your own testimony.

Bonnies Pictures After SeaAloe:

Looking Good – Look At the Shots Below Right After I noticed Seaaloe helping Bonnie when she first started taking it…

Her hair has grown back, her sores are gone

Her hair has grown back, her sores are gone

I love Seaaloe

I love Seaaloe

Bonnies Progress In Only 45 Days

Bonnies Progress In Only 45 Days

Look At Bonnies Progress Only A Little Over One Month On Seaaloe – October 31, 2008 so not quite 45 days…woops

This Area Was Huge – Red Bleeding Sores –

So Much Hair Regrowth In Healing Area

Look How Good This Is Looking!

Well I ordered Seaaloe on Sept 22nd -So Bonnie went on it around the end of Sept.  This was taken Oct 31st…

This Looks Bad I Was Thrilled With The Results This Early On…this was about a week after first putting her on Seaaloe

LOOK At All The Hair Regrowth – Also Under Her Chin Was Sores – This was a healing picture, once again I didn’t have a shot of how infected this area was in the beginning although you can see in this post around her mouth and look at the one below, they are gone and hair regrowth in this area too.

All Those Sores Around Her Mouth Are Gone – See all the peach fuzz beginning to grow back? Yeap one month earlier she had no hair and this was one huge sore – had green infection coming out, Yuck!

This Was October 31, 2008 – Look how Good Her Eyes Are Looking – Compare To The One Below.

This Was A Few Weeks After Being On Seaaloe – You can see the hair regrowth on her leg where the area is darker and see some of the remaining sores.  Can you image under her chin, and all under her legs and all leg areas being ate up like this? Actually the sores were worse than this –  Vets said neosporin, lol – It didn’t work – Nothing worked – Seaaloe has brought My Bonnie back to life and not only healing her sores – regrowing hair thats been gone for three years!